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Zoho CRM software is suitable for little and medium companies. Its price is appealing and the package is up-to-date. The control panel of this software is convenient, and the application also provides reporting possibilities, email marketing and customer service.


This software offers the modifications of UI and mobile applications, as well as gamification, depending on sales, and strong email-marketing instruments. There are various kinds of reports available. The Internet forms of this software help to get information about potential customers. The application combines well with other products of the company. There is also a free version of the program.


This CRM has to be customized in the beginning. Customer support available does not cover all the issues the users may run into.


The company has substantially increased its free complex of multifunctional tools for collective Internet work over the last years. The level of its applications has reached the one of Google Docs. The enterprise’s software, managing customer connections, has not been that successful. Nevertheless, this software is still affordable and helpful. It is especially useful for the existent users of Zoho and Google Applications.

Prices and Program Versions

There are three main CRM packages available at Zoho. The free version offers simple functions, including sales automation, client support and marketing. It also provides reports, Internet forms and forecasts.

The professional edition of the program costs 12 dollars per month for one user. This version has additional functions. For instance, it allows users to control inventory, manage client data, as well as take care of safety and documents.

Enterprise version is a top-level application. It gives an opportunity to conduct group negotiations, use an answering machine and supplementary web-pages. This application is convenient for data management. Its cost for one user is 25 dollars per month.

In general, the Professional version of the application is the most suitable one for small businesses. The suppliers, who need to use additional functions, will have to buy the Enterprise version. Additional components, such as Outlook, Microsoft Office and Zoho Mail, will cost the user 3 to 5 dollars per month.

The noticeable advantage of this CRM is that payment totally depends on the level of usage of the application. The subscriber can increase or decrease the number of functions. He can also unsubscribe from the application any moment.

Research shows that Zoho Professional application is much cheaper than Salesforce.com Professional Edition. It is considered to be the best CRM program. Its price is up to 250 dollars in the United States. Subscribers will have to pay up to 30 dollars a month for this application.

Interface and Potential Clients

Zoho CRM structure is simple and easy to understand. There is nothing special about its homepage, however it contains multiple settings. Various in-built panels can be taken to the homepage of the application. Instrumental panels Potential are especially beneficial for users. They allow subscribers to see how soon the deals will be closed. Inventory overview is shown in the form of text in separate panels. This is less convenient for users, than various data representation of Salesforce.com and Sugar Professional 6. Compared to BatchBook RoyalBlue Edition, Zoho CRM software is less functional.

It is possible to create individual client accounts. Several contacts can be added to each account, if the number of business contacts increases. Leads and contacts are traced separately. However, overview pages do not give much helpful information. The page, showing potential clients, lacks the status field. Nevertheless, elements can be moved and added to this page.

A major disadvantage of different tabs is that customization is needed to use Zoho CRM effectively. This defect is present in most CRM packages. Zoho has to be customized from the very beginning though. If this is not done before using the application, you can get an unpleasant impression from it. Running this software will be similar to using Act By Sage 2010, which costs 299 dollars.

If you study Zoho thoroughly, you will find out that it is very convenient to manage potential clients and contacts with this application. It is particularly helpful if several sellers are involved. You can import Excel, CSV and VCF files into the system and get data about active leads from there. Each program version allows you to manage a different number of files. However, even the free version gives enough opportunities to many small companies.

A great advantage Zoho offers is that the application is tied to Google. This came into action in 2010. As a result, the users of Google Applications can open Zoho Projects and Zoho CRM through Google Apps.

Internet Forms and Email Marketing

Users find it especially appealing that web-forms are integrated with the enterprise’s website. The client can enter his name, address and other information on the website of your company. When data has been sent, it is transferred to Zoho CRM contact information section.

These forms can be created in Web to Lead part of CRM. You can also choose a return message you want your clients to get. For instance, it can be a “Thank you” message. It is possible to select a return URL-address or give the consumer’s contacts to sales representatives in different regions.

Using the web-form is easy, because all the functions are cloud-based. All you need to do is enter an HTML code into your website. In case you want to make customer support forms or troubleshooting tickets, you can also use this approach.

This application enables users to prepare basic email marketing templates. Information can be taken from contacts and leads databases. This data can be entered as variables. Zoho CRM works with email by connecting to outside email programs.

For example, Zoho has in-built the Meeting application into its CRM system. This product can send screen data to several clients. It can also manage the customer’s screen to diagnose it remotely. Mobile users can check the company’s website for those who prefer iPhone and Android (mobile.zoho.com/crm). The version of the application for BlackBerry users is being tested at the moment.

Zoho still has a lot of space to grow. This application is not as perfect as Salesforce.com or SugarCRM. Its significant advantage is that it costs much less than these two. However, Zoho Enterprise package is almost as expensive and functional as SugarCRM, which costs 30 dollars.

Unfortunately, Zoho developers are not as creative as the ones of BatchBook. The latter have integrated their product with social media. They have also made it convenient due to the step-by-step process of filling in CRM databases. The function Zoho has to work on is tracing social websites.

In spite of these drawbacks, Zoho CRM’s interface is logical and user-friendly. It is suitable for small enterprise owners. They can keep track of details and work with more sellers.



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