Salesforce CRM Review

Overview of Salesforce CRM Software
Salesforce Small Business Solutions is considered to be a perfect choice of CRM software for little enterprises. It stands out among tens of other applications. Let us look at the benefits of this CRM system.

Why is Salesforce the Best Choice?
First of all, Salesforce is applicable for all kinds of enterprises. There is a specific package, meeting the needs of small businesses. This software is all inclusive. It helps companies to look for clients and keep track of them, finish deals and broaden the enterprise’s activities. The application makes it possible to generate leads, manage contacts and opportunities, forecast sales, automate tasks completion, and provides other tools for cooperation. Besides, Salesforce software is cloud-based. This enables users to open it any moment and anywhere, which is a substantial convenience. The software can be accessed from mobile gadgets.
Simplicity of Use
The interface of this application is simple and understandable, and it does not take much to learn how to use it.
It is possible to customize the instrument panel of this software. It is a big advantage, because the panel has plenty of tools showing the company’s progress. Client information and the most current activity summaries can be seen immediately. Every user can set up his own preferences of using the panel. For instance, such data as the pipelines to opportunities, the outlines of team work and the amount of sales can be seen with the help of the panel.
The ease of navigation is another advantage of Salesforce. The navigation bar is located in the upper part of the window. Tabs are broken into categories, featuring information about leads, accounts, contacts, campaigns and forecasts. The design is user-friendly and gives fast access to the data needed. It is not necessary to search for information – it is all right there in front of you. Users can also add their own tab or rearrange the existent ones for their convenience.
The data in the tabs is well-organized. It is shown as list, which is linked to every contact, campaign, account and potential client. Users can reach the newest or the most often used files through shortcuts.
This software provides a wide range of social possibilities. It works as social media and is similar to Facebook. It is easy to browse the news, update one’s status or share files, using the control panel.
CRM Characteristics
Salesforce strives to help your enterprise complete sales in an efficient and fast way. That is why this application uses the approach based on insight and sales modernization. The work of software is automated. It provides users with information regarding prospective clients, helps to manage contacts and to make marketing campaigns more resulting.
Let us enumerate some of the characteristics of Salesforce.
Managing contacts. The application has a strong system of contacts organization. It does much more work than a regular address book. This software lets you store complete information about every customer, and not just his telephone number and address. The clients’ profiles include crucial information about the history of activities and deals. You can keep track of previous communications and see, which sales representative contacted the client. You can also save the history of dialogues and employee notes. The profiles are connected to social media, such as LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook. It gives you a chance to answer the questions quickly and relate to customer inquiries.
Generation of potential clients. The Salesforce application has a beneficial system of generating leads. It can turn prospective clients into actual ones easily. The application can show how the leads learnt about you. You have a chance to track the campaigns, marketing channels and social media. This will give you an insight into whether your marketing is efficient or not, and which channels are the most resultant ones. Besides, the application gives you information about the latest activities of your leads. Prospective clients can be assigned to certain sales managers automatically.
Developing opportunities. Salesforce software gives you a chance to process your opportunities effectively and complete sales quickly. There is an in-built analysis of deals and quoting instruments. Sales representatives can easily make quotes in PDF format, which automatically fill in relevant information, such as client data, the quantity of sales, prices, conditions of payment, delivery data, etc. These quotes can be emailed to the client from this same platform directly. The application lets users see the cost of every deal and the stage the deal is at. Users can also observe the activities and be informed about the progress of the sales process.
Forecasts. The software allows users to forecast sales. Sales forecasts give information about quota achievements, profit, categories, values of contract, etc. The forecasts can be adjusted as needed to help sales representatives in their work.
Work reports. The goal of Salesforce software is to make reports generation and analysis easier. Its easily manageable reporting tools are as follows: present-time charts, graphics, the possibility to break data in categories and show the details. Reports can be obtained upon logging in, because they are available in the control panel.
Cooperation. The social tools provided by the application make the collaboration of team members more efficient. The panel with social events permits to discuss issues openly and to share information, sources, leads and files.
Work process automation. Sales representatives can go through the working process without the need of supervision. Tasks can be assigned, advice can be given and approvals can be granted automatically.
Mobile-friendly version. Salesforce 1 Mobile Application allows to access software from gadgets. The mobile version of the application enables users to reach the control panel, social profiles and contacts, files, and the information about sales and potential customers. This version also allows team interaction.
What are Some Other Advantages?
The main functions of Salesforce have unlimited possibilities of expansion. The purpose is to shape the application according to the needs of your enterprise. Salesforce AppExchange allows broad third-party connections.
Let us give you several examples of the opportunities Salesforce gives when integrated with other applications.
Present-time information. Salesforce can be connected with external sites, such as and Dun & Bradstreet. These resources give the most current data about future possibilities, contacts and enterprises. This connection allows the application to save time on research of recent data and new leads.
The integration with Outlook. The application can get information straight from Outlook. You can see the contacts, edit them and add new ones. You can also reply to your clients, see calendars of events and do other work from your Inbox. All information is synchronized, that is why you do not need to update it manually.
Automated marketing. The function of marketing automation can be used to start and manage marketing campaigns from the Salesforce control panel. Such functions as the generation of leads, the analysis of future possibilities, targeted email marketing, etc. are available.
Management of sales performance. The application will help business owners encourage and manage their sales team. This application makes it possible to assess the results of work, to train sales representatives and keep track of their success in each time period.
Client service. can be used to give support to customers through multiple channels. The dialogues can be further attached to Salesforce client profiles.
Third-party integrations are available in such categories, as client service, human resources, marketing, analytics, sales and others. It is interesting that these integrations can be managed directly from the application, and you are not required to open other applications.
Client Service
Salesforce turns out to have one of the most extensive client support systems. The website provides a free telephone number the customers can call to have their issues resolved. They can also access chat to discuss their question with the company’s representative immediately. The sales team gives full assistance and does not pursue a goal to sell a tariff plan.
There are also other support services accessible at Salesforce. They include the webpage providing information about personal training and certification. There is also a page on YouTube, where users can watch videos and see how the application can be used.
The company also has a helpful Community page, where a person can find assistance on one’s own. This page features a forum where the most common questions are discussed. This is the place where users can help each other. The application users can also see official documents, videos with instructions and other helpful articles in this section.
Even though Salesforce has many advantages, this application is not perfect either. Some little business owners find this system difficult to implement and expensive.
Surprisingly, some entrepreneurs find it challenging to use this application. They say that it contains the functions their small business does not need. So, this software’s “all-inclusiveness” seems to be its disadvantage at the same time. Some little enterprises do not have a group of sales representatives, or generate potential clients on their own. That is why they find the functions of the application excessive.
On the other hand, Salesforce is a scalable application. At first, when the company is just starting its business, it can use only a narrow range of functions. Nevertheless, as the enterprise grows, it can use more features.
Speaking of costs, some enterprises find them too high. The software can be used for twenty-five dollars a month, and the number of users is restricted to five. In case you need to permit access to more users, you will have to buy a tariff plan for sixty-five dollars a month. These prices are acceptable, but some little businesses find it challenging to set up software according to their needs and to add third-party connections.
Enterprise owners are not always happy to pay for extra functions, such as the access to external applications. This access is not included in the tariff plan and requires additional payment.
Another item of expenses is hiring the software developers to customize the application for you. This may be needed if you do not know how to do it by yourself. It is understandable that some enterprise owners are not willing to pay hundreds of dollars to get external help.


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