Ontraport Review

Nowadays Ontraport became very popular. Ontraport became number first for some reasons. During months the founders of this system tried to compare the delivery and open rates and the other feature of the Ontraport with the competitors. And after all these nuances the system took its first place in ratings.

If you have time, you can compare the Ontraport with such systems as Infusionsoft, Marketo, Pardot, Hubspot, and Eloqua etc. Undoubtedly you will come to the conclusion that the system we are talking about is really best of the best. Its opportunities are really great, but as any other thing on the Earth it also has some disadvantages. Only at first sight it is perfect but if you dig deeper you will notice some unpleasant moments.
However, let us examine this system for the online business and find out all the advantages and disadvantages.
So, as it is considered to be, first, let’s talk about the good.
Pros of using the Ontraport
1) The price. The Ontraport is very profitable because of the general price on all their services. You should just pay 297 dollars per month and that’s all. No money for any kind of settings. At that time the other systems can ask you to pay for the software installation etc.
Those companies which every day receive or send thousands of emails always prefer the Ontraport. It allows for the month paying send more than 10000 mails, while the Infusionsoft, for example, has the specific limit.
2) Less price creep. Good news is that the Ontraport has a normal price fluctuation. It means, that if you want to receive an extra credit for the number of recipients, the price will be still quite low. Hubsport raises prices for every 1000 or 10000 contacts. It can be from 800 dollars to even 2400 per month.
3) A lot of perfect features. If you start to use the Ontraport you automatically receive a standard package of services. They include the CRM, management tool, be a member of the WordPress platform, an opportunity to create online webinars, to organize the auto-responders and other services. Take into consideration that other services can ask you the additional fee for these opportunities. All the Ontraport functions really work in the best way.
4) Multi-channel marketing. You can communicate not only in social networks or email boxes but also using a lot of other world services where you will encounter much less competitors.
5) Emails which were sent with the Ontraport system will be delivered as quickly as possible and almost never will be in the spam. Therefore, there is a great guarantee that people will see and check the message data.
6) Customer support. If you have some problems or questions you can contact the managers of the company and they promise to solve all the problems and explain all the misunderstandings.
7) Mobile apps. It is very comfortable for those people who are not always at their computers. You can download the app on your Iphone or Android and manage contacts and make a standard newsletter.

The Cons of using the Ontraport

1) Uncomfortable dashboard.
2) It is difficult to deal with all the features of this program. Using Ontraport you receive a lot of opportunities, but to find out all of them can really take you a lot of time and it is not good for the online business. You know, every minute is very important in general success. The teaching process should be more understandable.
3) The creation of automated sequences is not very convenient and profitable. Some of the competitors have enhanced this feature a long time ago.
4) A small amount of integration. The Ontraport integrations include only the most popular ones (PayPal, WordPress etc).
5) The Ontraport still has no online communities. This system is a huge one and you can say that it does not need the internet community. But agree, it would be more convenient when the users will be able to share their thought, expectations and the real experience starting using this service.
6) It does not remove duplicates. If the user have downloaded or buy something on your website more than one time he/she will be joined to your distribution list once, twice or even three times. It clogs the memory and is very uncomfortable.

Who is Ontraport best for?

This great system for the successful business on the Internet will be perfect marketing tool for those, who:
are the owners of the online educational companies;
sell information products;
are the members of some sites.

Using Otraport, you will receive a lot of opportunities and functions for the short period of time. This system has no free trial but after activation you can receive the free demo version. If you are not satisfied with the service you can return your money during the 90 days.
To buy the products through our company is always profitable. You are not overpaying money and the prices are always lower than on other services.


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$79 a month

3.8 Total Score
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