Insightly CRM Review

Why is Insightly CRM Application a good choice?

Specialists have analyzed different customer relationship management software and have come up with the conclusion, that Insightly CRM software is a wise choice for mini-size businesses. It has many advantages over the competitors. First of all, it has the main functions, necessary for little enterprises. Besides, it can be adjusted to the enterprise scale. Another advantage of this software is that it has a reasonable price and it costs much less than similar software on the market. There is a free version of the application available. It is a pleasant bonus for the users, who are just starting their business.

Let us discuss the benefits of this software.

The Appealing Price

Business owners realize that they only need to use basic functions of CRM system at the point, when they are just starting to run their business, especially, if it is just a small enterprise. That is why this application is convenient. It provides access to two thousand and five hundred records, and it can be used by as many as three subscribers. These functions are available for free. In case the business needs more features, the enterprise can purchase a tariff plan for twelve dollars a month per user. The prices of the competitors are considerably higher. Most of the entrepreneurs, who took part in the survey, confirmed that.

Which benefits does Insightly offer for the low price? In contrast to other CRM software companies, Insightly does not limit the quantity of users or functions. The basic tariff plan has plenty of features. They are unrestricted storage space, branding, individual assistance, customer support, etc. The number of users is unlimited. On the other hand, other CRM applications suggest that the company buy more costly tariff plans to increase the number of subscribers using the software.

The cheapest plan lets you store 100,000 data files. This amount is sufficient for the majority of little businesses, however, it is easy to choose another plan if the business enlarges. The support team will help you with that.

Easy to Implement

Research shows that little enterprises find it unnecessary to use elaborate software and to teach their employees to implement it. They prefer to use subscriber-friendly software. It makes sense to use Insightly application because its interface is simple. Even technically unskilled employees can use it.

The dashboard of this software is straight-forward and not confusing, and you can use it intuitively. Various features of this application are easily found. Using the sidebar, you can see the main sections, containing the information about your tasks, contacts, enterprises, plans for development, emails, projects, and reports.

Navigation through the sections is simple. You just have to go through the list and find the necessary button. To complement the list, use the button “New”. It is also possible to filter the items, reach reports, add and delete content by using the sidebar.

Each section is opened with the helpful toolbar. It enables the users to find the information they need quickly.

Insightly also provides the training program. The company can use it to teach its employees use the application. It is designated for mini-business owners. This short-term program can be completed within one day. Employees can study online or attend a personal meeting.

The substantial advantage of Insightly software is that it is a cloud-based system, and users can access the records any moment and from anywhere. This application is also mobile-friendly.

Multiple Functions

The users of Insightly application can keep track of their contacts, projects, the amount of sales, planned events and documents. Multiple online applications are available for the subscribers. They are: Google documents and calendar, Gmail, Outlook, Dropbox, Xero, QuickBooks Online, Timecamp, Zapier, Brandizi, Mailchimp, etc.

The application enables users to form reports. They can be, for instance, tabular, custom and opportunity reports. Users can provide wide information in these reports. They can save the details about the subscriber, responsible for the project, the closing date of the project, value and the possibility of winning.

The software gives other useful opportunities. It makes it possible to manage project follow-ups, store emails from Gmail, reach the history of the subscribers’ correspondence and connect it to certain events.

Small businesses can save time due to Insightly. This convenient application provides automated functions, so the companies do not have to deal with daily routine tasks. The address book is fully automated. It stores all the information about the contacts, such as related facts, significant dates, and the history of communication. Contact information is immediately saved. It is copied from email lists, correspondence, filled in forms, and other sources.

Users can also see regular progress reports. The reminders about deadlines and the possibility to set milestones make the lives of small business managers easier.

What about data from social media? Insightly software gathers it automatically, adding the usernames and recent posts of your contacts to their profiles. Business owners find this very convenient. They do not need to browse social networks and look for their customer’s activities and feedback manually.

Reliable Customer Support

Customer service is among the primary advantages of Insightly. Customer support representatives of this application are known to be receptive and willing to help. They make sure to process all the customer queries. Their goal is to assist the user, and not sell the product.

You can find the company’s contacts on their website. If you need help, you can write them an email, send them a ticket asking for assistance, or submit a form with your question. You will hear back from them within a day. In case you need immediate help, you can call the company’s free number.

There is a guide on working with the application. It is provided on the software’s webpage, along with teaching videos.

Minor Drawbacks

Some business people have found insignificant disadvantages in Insightly. Entrepreneurs, running small companies, state that the reporting possibilities of the application are limited. They believe the number of adjustable reports is insufficient. The tools for making reports, provided by the company, are focused on pipelines and future possibilities. Certain enterprise owners prefer to have more opportunities. They want to be able to create adjustable reports on events, customers, projects, tasks, etc.

There are nine kinds of reports, available at Insightly. They satisfy the needs of most starting mini-businesses. They encompass the overview of opportunity categories and reasons for losing opportunities, show the stages of opportunities and identify the best business performers, identify the clients who bring the largest revenue, estimate the number of opportunities generated by the team, identify the most productive workers and the efficiency of the team as a whole.

We hope that this overview of Insightly software features and advantages will help you choose the right application for your company.


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