Infusionsoft vs Ontraport: What To Choose

If we are talking about features of design, then both Ontraport and Infusionsoft are very similar. Both of them have a lot of, marketing features and a huge interface for the users. To use these services can owners of the different sizes of business. In both programs it is very easy to create a lot of marketing campaigns, using e-mail and each of them has a special built-in CRM tool.

Using Ontraport and Infusionsoft will be difficult for newcomers in this field. They are not easy to assimilate programs. But it will be the best solution for those who can deal with the system operation of such packs.

So, if you for the long time cannot choose what the best one from these two is, we can help you to make the decision.

Ontraport will be perfect for those, who are the supporters of convenient functions. And who are eager to start working with your new software form the very beginning.

Choose the Infusionsoft if your business always depend on e-mail marketing. Choose it if the leaving curve means nothing for the owner.

And now just for your comfort we invite you to look through carefully this table and make the decision. At this table you will find all the advantages and disadvantages, all functions, cost of the programs. Both of them are similar. Sometimes it is really difficult to choose but this table will help you.

Designed For It will be the best for small or medium kinds of business, where there is a regular income about 100 000 $ It will be the best for small or medium kinds of business, where there is a regular income about 100 000 $
Possible number of contacts The most popular plan includes about 2500 contacts. But you can choose the plans with the maximum 20 000 contacts. The most popular plan includes about 1000 contacts. But you can order plans with 100 000 contacts. Every 100 additional contacts cost 99$.
E-mail Volume In general the average plan includes 12500 e-mails. But you can order variants up to even 100 000 e-mails every month. Basic Plan will give you almost unlimited e-mails. Pro and Team Plan allows to have 100 000. You should pay 99$ for every 100 000 extra e-mails.
Users 3 users on the very popular type and it can be about 10 users if you pay 599$ for the Team plan. Just the only user for the Basic Plan. In Pro and Team plan you can have 2-10 users. For every extra user you should pay from 47$ every month.
E-mail Courses All plans include unlimited courses All plans include unlimited courses
Automation Rules Unlimited in every plan Unlimited in every plan
Responsive E-mail Patterns You can customize all the e-mail templates as you wish. You can customize all the e-mail templates as you wish.
E-mail Split Testing There is no the automatic split testing function but the tags to split testing are available. It can be 1-4 types and per split test and you will receive all the reports.
Supporting SMS Using Fix Your Funnel SMS, you can activate SMS automation. There is available 2-ways SMS communication.
Direct Mail If you wish you can activate the direct mail, by using some services. You can choose the postcard marketing or PURLs.
User’s Interface and Usability Adopted for those, who have a great experience in this sphere. You need to finish the teaching course before starting to use this program. The interface is quite simple and understandable. It will be perfect for the beginners. It includes many useful functions.
Automation the working process Builder The automatic working processes usually are set on the assumption of the behavior of the user. It is possible to set the automation rules yourself. It is simple and special skills are unnecessary.
Email Course Builder All the courses are in the Infusionsoft Campaign Builder Ontramail is comfortable in creating and organizing special e-mail courses even if you previously have never done such things.

Particular Qualities

If we are talking about others tools which can help to organize the automation business or marketing, then both Infusionsoft and Ontraport have a lot of advantages. These packs include a lot of available functions. You can notice the CRM systems, e-mail platforms for marketing, special tools and many others.

What about the landing pages and forms? In these programs you will also find the special builders which will help not only to make or produce but also to announce and check capture landing pages.

This service has a special main page tool and it helps you to produce and blue-pencil different pages. Many patterns are available as they are included and using different tools, you can give the pages absolutely new appearance.

Different design options in it are understandable even for the newcomers. The interface of the main page is really understandable and you can change the heading, the text, the HTML forms, content ant others. The main page in this program has the main peculiarity – you can fill all the fields automatically. For this you just need a subscriber’s information. All pages you have created in this program you can publish yourself on their hardware or even on your own servers.

Ontraport has a special builder which will help you to create new pages – Ontrapages. Here you will find special content blocks – it is “pieces” of the page which include videos, images, text, different forms. To build the landing page, just join the necessary blocks together.

In the Ontraport MarketPlace you can buy a lot of types of landing pages, but the program also has a ready set of pages which you can use gratis. Use these pages to increase the mailing list, in order to realize the desired product. In comparison with the Infusionsoft pages building, the program we are talking about is much easier to use. That is why people who are not professional web-designers and need quickly to create several main pages – choose only the Ontraport. You can easily understand everything without special skills.

Email online marketing 

Users who prefer Infusionsoft are always satisfied with its e-mail marketing automation. This program allows you to send the necessary content to the people from your distribution list. You set time and days of the week yourself. On your user’s interface you can find the Infusionsoft Campaign Builder. Use it to perform these functions.

If you think that to create a new campaign is a long and serious process, you are mistaken. In Infusionsoft it is rather quickly and simple. For example, as the subscriber has joined to your mailing list, the system establishes to send the mail to this address at the necessary time and with the intervals you have established.

Taking into consideration the user’s actions, set the automation rules. If somebody has bought your product, you can specify settings. The program will be always moving such persons into the buyer’s profile. So, the subscriber will receive mails with other content.

All the emails created in the Infusionsoft are really with great appearance and even on the mobile screens they displayed great.

If we are talking about Ontraport, then all the capabilities and functions are very similar as in the competitors. If you are newcomer in the online delivery, it won’t be a great problem to set in the settings the date, time and interval of sending messages to the list of subscribers.

But what the biggest advantage of the Ontraport in this area is? It can deliver the subscribers not only the e-mail but also SMS! You just need the valid person’s number and your client will receive the special offers directly to the phone. It increases the chances that the text will be read, because the smartphones people use much more frequently than e-mail boxes.

Ontraport is very useful if you need to send special marketing postcards or to order the products but the rules of the automation can be different. This program can divide the subscribers on special groups. It is much comfortable, when customers are separate from other subscribers and it is easy to collect the perspective contacts into special groups.

CRM and sales tools

Both of them have CRM tool. Thanks to this tool you can easily create the delivery list using the phone, online chat or direct mail. Use the CRM settings to set the appointments with the customers. If the system was notified that the subscriber is interested in this product or already bought it, then it can automatically create the CRM note. If your business is related to sales, then you will appreciate these opportunities of both programs.


If we are talking about automation integration with other apps, then Infusionsoft is number one and are you going to ask why? The answer is ready – Infusionsoft can integrate with 400 apps while the Ontraport only with 34. Do you feel the difference? So, if these capabilities are really very important for your business, then what pack to choose now is clear to you.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Infusionsoft

Until this time, we were talking about these two great programs in comparison with each other. But now we are going to sort through all the pros and cons of each program separately.

Other people are satisfied with the interface and functions of the Infusionsoft but others are not as it depends on your own expectations, capabilities and goals. Read all the pros and cons and you will get your own opinion on the program.


  • a large selection of tools that are needed for a good online marketing organization and also included the CRM. This platform can make your whole business.
  • Landing page builder is not perfect or excellent. In other programs you can find software but this one is quite enough for the creation of very simply lead capture, for registration different points, or sales of your products. For these goals you don’t need something else.
  • If your salary in absolutely connected with the online marketing, then you should to choose this variant as its tools are the best in this area.
  • E-mails which were sent using it, have a nice and attractive appearance on the smartphone’s and computer displays. It is a huge possibility that people will respond to them.
  • It has different built-in tools for the affiliate marketing.


  • Before starting using you need to receive the special training which can takes even several days. The training materials and program costs about 699$, but some people need to start the using at once in this situation it is impossible.
  • This program is expensive and it is profitable only for the experiences marketers. If your business is small and you just want to check the online marketing then use other resources.
  • Some users were dissatisfied with the mail delivery and it can be a huge problem for you if your mailing list is too long.


Infusionsoft is really powerful service. As we told earlier it is really perfect for the experienced managers and people whose business cannot exist without e-mail online marketing. If you are a newcomer in this area and is going to choose the Infusionsoft then be ready for several day seep teaching. This program is very expensive and it is for long-term use.

Pros and Cons Of Using Ontraport

Ontraport is much easier in using thanks to its simple and more adapted for the newcomers interface. It is not as expensive as Infusionsoft and was built for everything including the mails and direct e-mail, but in comparison with its competitors it also has number of shortcomings. Nothing is perfect in this world that’s why we always need to make a choice.


  • Ontraport is perfect for the multi-channel marketing. It is impossible to do without it if your incomes are connected with e-mails, sending emails or postcards. In one interface are gathered the most channels so there is no necessity to find different extra apps.
  • For the huge list of mail delivery it is more profitable to order the privet version and it will greatly improve the mail.
  • The automation rules can be changed according to your websites or user’s actions.
  • CRM in Ontraport is able to send messages not only via e-mail but also SMS. It is comfortable for everybody as they at any time can be aware of the news even if they cannot log in to the mail box.
  • The WordPress is in touch and you just need the special plugin – Pilot Press.
  • Ontrapages is easily to find on the interface and change or built the main pages.
  • Ontraport messages are adapted to all devices.
  • If the results of the delivery are important for the owner, Ontraport can show you the click’s rating etc.


  • Ontraport is included just simply 34 integrations. It is unrealistic small in comparison with its main competitor (400!)


If SMS, direct mail is very important for your business, then in Ontraport for the relatively low costs you will receive many capabilities. And don’t forget it is very easy even for the beginners.

Price Policy

When we are going to order or buy some kinds of software, we think about the price. Both of these programs are paid monthly but before using Infusionsoft you will pay a lot of money for the teaching course.

The Infusionsoft have three types of month packs. The cheapest costs 199$ and the best one is for 599$ per month (it includes all the capabilities).

The Infusionsoft Essentials plan includes the 2500 contacts and 12500 e-mails every month. Ordering the Team Infusionsoft plan, you will be able to have the list of subscribers till 20000 and send about 100000 mails every month.

You should pay extra money if you want increase the number of subscribers or e-mails. If you have some questions or need more information you will find nothing on the Internet and you need to contact with their support center.

The necessary teaching course Kickstart can be in several types. The cheapest is for 699$ and the other is for the 1699$ (for business with the ready-made strategy).

Ontraport has three plans (for month each of them).

Basic Plan:

  • costs 79$;
  • only one user;
  • subscriber’s list till 1000;
  • as many e-mail as you wish;
  • CRM;
  • not all possible functions are available.

Pro Plan:

  • costs 297$;
  • 2500 contacts;
  • 100 000 e-mails;
  • if you need more contacts, then for the 597$ per month you can buy the 100 000 list.

Pro and Team plan has free set of services for two hours. If you need extra e-mails and contacts – buy for the 99$ per month (100 000).

Now you understand the both programs were created with the same purposes and for the same users.

If you have a huge e-mail list and it can increase every day, then the Infusionsoft will be excellent for you. Of course, you will spend time for teaching. But after finishing the course, you will be able to control the biggest platform ever. It is worth of it.

If you use e-mail and SMS marketing you will be satisfied with the Ontraport functions. Now you can send messages and postcards automatically and don’t waste time on doing it yourselves. Using Ontraport is also very profitable for the sales teams and professionals in the marketing area and you can add all the events and reminders in the CRM.

You can do the same in the Infusionsoft but Ontraport is more multi-channel and automated.

In conclusion, it is necessary to say that both programs are perfect. But you need to start from your own goals of using these services.

What’s About You?

SO, you have read a lot of information about such popular marketing automation software as Ontraport and Infusionsoft. Both of them are built for different sizes of business and include a lot of functions for online marketing. Now it is your turn to choose and to tell us what software you use most of all. Comment this article and explain your choice.


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