9 Cheap and Simple Salesforce CRM Alternatives

Summary of Reasonable Salesforce CRM Substitutes

Various CRM software has been used since 1980’s. These systems are helpful for the companies selling goods, since they permit to structure and store all the information regarding consumers. CRM systems allow managing not only the clients’ contact information, but also the conversations. Unfortunately, the majority of enterprises still take advantage of the limited scope of CRM capacities. Some of them do not find it necessary to use CRM at all. Aspiring startups and little enterprises often cannot afford the cost of CRM, because its price usually starts at $50 a month per user.

In the beginning of the 21st century Salesforce software came into existence. It became a rival for the famous sellers Siebel and Act. Some alternative CRM systems appeared as well. They claimed that their benefits were the simplicity of use and cost effectiveness.

Let us take a look at several CRM products. They share the following features:

  • Firstly, their cost is lower than $25 per user and they allow managing by multiple subscribers. For this reason, these CRM systems are inexpensive and are available even to freelancers.
  • Secondly, they position themselves as extremely simple ones to implement. That is why sales representatives and client managers use them with pleasure.

We have picked out the CRM systems matching these two criteria. All of them are suitable for little and medium size companies, and can be used through the Internet.

Base CRM Software

The inventors of Base claim that this software will definitely be implemented by the employees. They also say that the effectiveness of the company’s work will increase by ten times. Base was launched in 2009. It has the advantages of recording and keeping track of calls, as well as analyzing sales. The program can even make the analysis of the calls it has recorded. Android users state that the mobile application of Base is very convenient.

Speaking of the prices, there are three tariffs available. A subscriber can pay $25 per month and get 2 GB of storage space, an in-built dialing device, task administrator, automated emails and geolocation ability. The application can be combined with Xero and MailChimp.

If one chooses a tariff of $75 a month, that will give him 5 GB of storage space, the possibility to operate documents, predict sales and automate assignments.

For $125 a month, a user will get more than 10 GB of storage space, investigation of sales, the analysis of calls, an automated dialer, the catalog of products and other advantages.

This application does not limit the number of contacts, potential clients, sales and assignments.

Highrise Software

Highrise application was started in 2007. Its design is simple and understandable. In case you are familiar with Basecamp application, you might want to try out Highrise because it has been developed by the same company. Highrise is convenient for managing contact information. Their considerable advantage is the simplicity of use for little enterprises, which are new to CRM. The prices are affordable for starting enterprises, and the functions of this system are not confusing. There is a possibility to integrate this software with Freshdesk, MailChimp, HubSpot, Zendesk, Constant Contact, etc.

The application can be used for free by two subscribers. It allows managing up to 250 contacts. Six users can get the application for $24 per month. They will get 5 GB of storage space and manage 5,000 contacts, as well as work on ten sales deals. One user will have a chance to close the infinite number of contracts for $29 a month. In case you want this application to be implemented by the unrestrained number of subscribers, you can get it for $149. Then you will be able to administer 50 thousand contacts and endless contracts. You will also get 75 GB of storage space.

Pipedrive Application

Pipedrive also sticks to the principle of simple usage and availability to sales representatives. It was first launched in 2010 and was intended for little sales companies. A noticeable advantage of Pipedrive is that it works in many languages. It can also do calculations in all major world currencies. The application can be integrated with Google Maps, Gmail, Google Drive, etc.

A convenient feature Pipeline offers is timeline view. It lets sales representatives see which occasions are coming up and define sales dates. A sales supervisor can reach the timeline and see the timelines of the whole team in one view. Forecasts and team’s work can be easily managed.

Some reviews claim that Pipeline’s main concern is deals completion. They say that this system provides few opportunities to continue the interaction with customers after the first deal is closed. Thus, consumer follow-up is not convenient with Pipeline. The companies, focused on sales in the first place, can still use this system.

Pipeline subscription can be bought for $12 for one user per month. The number of users and connections does not matter.

Nimble Software

Nimble application was started in 2009. It was meant to be a social CRM system, because it connects users with their social network accounts, such as Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn. The peculiarity of Nimble is the inbox feature. The application gives a chance to collect the correspondence with clients within a system and in social networks. You can send messages to social media from the CRM system. You can also see the clients’ posts in social media. This characteristic is very special for a CRM.

The system costs $15 per user a month. You can receive 5 GB of storage space and operate 30 thousand connections for this sum.

The application can be integrated with HubSpot, MailChimp, Constant Contact, FreshBooks, Freshdesk, etc.

Insightly CRM Software

This software was started in 2009. It is considered to be a great variant of software for little businesses. The project management functions are integrated into the system. This allows managing consumers’ information and projects in one application. The software is integrated with MailChimp as well.

There are various pricing options. Since the target customer of this software is a little enterprise, the application is available to different numbers of users. Two subscribers can use it for free, sending ten emails per day, managing 2,500 records, and using 200 MB of storage space. Community support can be accessed online.

The other prices for tariff plans range from $12 to $99 per user a month. In case you buy a plan for $99, you will be able to send 10 thousand emails per day, use one thousand custom fields and five hundred thousand records. You will also be entitled to 250 GB of storage space, support through email and mobile application.

PipelineDeals Software

This application was launched in 2006. The software is easy and quick to use. Its peculiar features include a so called “morning coffee report”. It lets the application send emails to every sales representative with the information on significant future events, previous data and information analysis.

The in-built email marketing system offers automation and templates. The application allows running an email campaign and gives reports on the progress of correspondence.

The tariff plans cost $24 and $48 per month. The first one gives you endless leads, assignments, consumer support, and saves your information search. The second one gives you automated emails, lets you keep track of campaigns and templates, customize data fields and automate sales.

Nutshell Software

The start of this system was in 2010. This system has great opportunities of customization. It can be used both for simple contacts management and for the needs of big companies. It is considered to be highly perceptive. The application lets you conceal data and allow access to it only to some users. The system also sends out notifications to help the team understand which data deserves attention the most.

This software costs $20 for user per month, and it is all-inclusive.

Capsule Application

The application was started in 2008 in Great Britain. It is very useful for little enterprises. The appealing characteristic of this application is that it can be integrated with more than thirty-three programs, such as FreshBooks, Xero, MailChimp, Zendesk and others. The system looks as an abridged CRM. It will be convenient for the businesses which are just starting to operate.

This CRM is available for free for two subscribers. They will get 10MB of storage space and will be able to keep track of 250 contacts. For $12 a month users will get 2 GB of storage space, will work with 50,000 connections and integration with other systems will be available.

OnePageCRM Solution

This CRM is rather new on the market. It was started in 2010 in Ireland. The focus of this application is the work of little sales crews. The system’s layout helps it reach its goal of assisting sales representatives.

The advantages of this system are as follows:

  • It allows gathering the data about potential clients from social media with just one click.
  • It reminds of the start of the projects, and not only of their finish.
  • It encourages customer follow-up by suggesting another action after finishing the previous one.

The price of the system is $12 for one subscriber per month. It contains all the characteristics available. In case you want to pay for a year, a monthly price will go down to $11.

Really Simple Systems CRM

This CRM began its operation in 2006 and it is easy to use. It is a great choice for little and medium firms. The most attractive feature of this system is a flexible pricing policy. At first you can use the CRM for free, and then you can get other components and a tariff plan as you grow.

This application has an in-built email promotion system, convenient for your sales team. If you use the application for free, you will get one hundred accounts and the endless number of connections and assignments. For $8 a month the system can be used by two subscribers. They will have access to two hundred clients. For $50 a month users will get access to VIP characteristics and unrestricted number of clients. Other features are available for additional payment.

Less Annoying CRM System

This system was first started in 2009. Its intention was to assist little firms. That is why this CRM chose to stay simple and to eliminate all the unnecessary characteristics. The ease of use can be seen by any subscriber. All the data on a potential client is on the same page. Assignments and important plans are put on a calendar in an automatic manner. There is also an overall view available to a sales manager. He is aware of all the assignments of his team and the future events in one place. There is a priority list visible to sales assistants, allowing access to the most relevant client data.

The price of this application is $10 a month per user, and it includes all the attributes.

Are There Any Others?

There are also some other CRM systems, which are easy to implement, but they do not have numerous users yet. It is worth seeing their progress before suggesting that a company use them. In case you are curious, here they are: Batchbook, Clevertim, AlbertCRM, Stride and Tactile CRM.

The systems named above are worth exploring. It is possible that some of them will meet your needs, and using them will be a perfect decision for your firm. In case you want to use a system with a proven background, feel free to turn to the ones previously mentioned in the report.

Analysis shows that Salesforce CRM still holds leadership among other systems. It is more affordable for larger teams, though, such as the ones containing more than five members. Its cost is $65 per subscriber a month. Some little crews do not need the functions this CRM offers. So if you are an aspiring company looking for an economical solution, you might want to consider other options.

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